Sunday, September 18, 2005

Lazy much?

Today, I listened to a rap album that a good friend of mine made this summer. It's pretty impressive to be so young and to have put out an album. Kinda makes me feel like I haven't accomplished enough.

Fortunately, for those of you who, upon hearing about my friend's album, also feel that you need to accomplish more, the newest episode of my podcast, What I Wore, is on making your own jewelry. So go! Create! Accomplish! But first, download the episode at, or subscribe through iTunes.

Oh yeah. Today, I wore cropped, cuffed, jeans, leather barely-there thong sandals, a green, cap-sleeved top with a ruched mesh overlay (think Elizabethan-looking), and earrings that are little crowns to match the princess top. Tomorrow, I'm wearing dark, extremely broken-in jeans, an Odille pink t-shirt with a lot of darting for a close fit, light pink ballet flats with brown trim, and round turquoise earrings.

Tell me that I must have looked gorgeous or that my taste sucks by emailing me at!


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