Monday, September 19, 2005

Off to the races

Hmm. Interesting.

I was just looking at the statistics for this show, and I’m somewhat surprised by how the episodes rate in popularity. The most popular episode was downloaded by 218 people (excluding subscribers, of course, who faithfully listen to every episode… right?)—not a bad number. What surprises me is that the episode that the 218 chose, making it the triumphant winner was episode 2—back to school shopping. Interesting choice, listeners.

Don’t get me wrong, I love back to school shopping, and I hope that it was a good episode. It’s just that it’s something you can read about in every fashion magazine on the planet. Well, I guess the same thing that sells the magazine persuaded people to download.

In a relatively close second is Episode 1, which is about nothing at all, really, but is still a wise choice, because it introduces the show. Almost tied in third and fourth places are episodes three and seven, which cover ballet fashion and French fashion, respectively. Listeners get 10 taste points here—these were both damn good episodes, if I do say so myself.

Episodes 4 and 5, which are about buying designer clothes at a discount and beauty, have surprisingly small download numbers—I say surprising because who wouldn’t want to buy some cheap chanel and follow it with a makeup purchase? Hmmm.

Know what my advice is? Download them all or subscribe, and email me and tell me what you liked, and what you’d like to hear about. Until I hear from someone, the next episode’s about fashion magazines (one subject that you’ll never find in a magazine—so listen!).


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