Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What I've learned

In the past, I've never used sitemeter as much more than a way to find out how many people are visiting my blog, and where those people are. I don't care or have the patience for much else. But returning to school and the joys of homework, and therefore the necessity for procrastination, has caused me to search deeper into Sitemeter's (time-killing) offerings, and I've started to look at what attracts you here in the first place.

In the people-watching sphere, viewers seem to want to read about Cory Kennedy and Irina Lazareanu. This is somewhat ironic, since I only mentioned both of them to say that they don't interest me much, but ok, Irina Lazareanu is a good model, probably a good rockstar, and she's beautiful. Cory Kennedy, though--ugh. Get over it! It's not that I deny the existence of fashionable fifteen year-olds, it's just that I can't figure out what exactly she does, save for get wasted when cameras are present. I dunno. I guess I still fail to see her allure.

In the retail sphere, people are excited about Target Go International (Proenza Schouler arrives tomorrow! TOMORROW!), and, happily and surprisingly, people also seem to be interested in Alice Ritter and Tara Subkoff. I'm for Target as much as the next girl, especially when they can mass-retail anything by Proenza Schouler (Proenza Schouler!!), but it's neat to see what the smaller, more independent designers are doing, too.

So, it looks as though you readers have excellent taste! Anything you'd like to see more of? Just don't request Cory Kennedy.


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