Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maybe my investments will triple in the next, say, three weeks, and I'll get to buy the dress. . .

Responsability sucks. It's more fun to drink cocktails than go to class, more exciting to go on a date than a job interview, and more amusing to spend money on clothing than groceries. Unfortunately, you can't get a degree in drinking (I wish!), get paid to date (unless you're in an illegal profession), or eat your clothes (unless it's meant to be edible, in which case, it's probably not very nutritious). So, sometimes, we're forced to behave act maturely, and do what's sensible instead of what's fun.

For me, that sensibility right now is saving money. Since I've decided that I'd like to go to grad school, I now have to think about my money, and whether or not I'll still have enough of it in a year or so. Grad students tend to be more broke than college students (if possible), so I've decided that it's probably time for me to invest some cash in some long-term savings somethingorother, while I still have some cash to dispose of. Not fun. But probably necessary.

If, however, I could be tempted to blow the wad on something more amusing, this is the outfit that I would pick, beyond a shadow of a doubt, for spring:

It's just. . . perfect. The neutral color palette screams 'sophisticated,' but the soft shape keeps it from being harsh or pretentious. The layers keep the girly, sweet dress casual, but take off the sweater and the undershirt, and hello night life.

Unfortunately, Michael Kors is a little out of my pre-investment budget (plus, I just blew a small wad on some Trovata and Velvet). I have a white, crewneck undershirt, a long black sweatshirt (it zips up the front), and I've had the black cropped tights since before they were trendy (really!), but the dress is a problem. So, if anyone out there can point me toward a cheap (ideally less than $100) beige sundress with tiny little pleats in the skirt and a sweetheart neckline, it would be much appreciated!

In the meantime, I'll stay in jeans and sweaters, because it's COLD out.



Blogger The Evil Kitten said...

I think I may have one of those celebrity crushes- ACk, it's finally come, but Michael Kors is just so awesome!

2:32 PM  

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