Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Regarding Episode 9

I. am. so. tired. And unfortunately, you can hear it in my voice in this episode. No, I’m not raspy or anything, I just horribly mispronounce a bunch of words, and am too lazy to correct myself. Oops.

So, since this episode’s about fashion magazines, I don’t really need to give you any links, do I? Oh come ON, you can just buy the magazine! It’s not hard. Geez. Fine.


But the magazines is always MUCH better than the website. So go download the podcast and hear what I have to say about them at principessapazza.blogmatrix.com!

Oh, and today I'm wearing a teal short-sleeved sweater with an asymmetrical v-neck, dark james jeans, tan pumas, and big round mother of pearl earrings. The theme is 'pretty.'


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