Sunday, March 19, 2006

Baby Britain

Anyone who has ever looked in my closet (ok, my room) knows how much I love shoes. I search high and low for shoes, online, offline, in stores, magazines, and catalogues, and the most desirable shoes I've seen recently have mostly come from a new source for me: England. Observe:

Top row: Faith, middle row: Dorothy Perkins, bottom row: Office Holdings. Lovely, no? All delightful, all reasonably priced, all British as can be. I must say, ballet flats are just plain better across the pond (check out London Sole for some equally fab but slighty pricier options). The brits have ballets down.

Ok, here's the outrage: Dorothy Perkins won't ship to the U.S. We can look at her shoes, drool over them, but we can't buy them. Personally, I'm going to stock up on wonderful shoes next time I'm in London (whenever that is--fingers crossed for soon), but in the meantime, we could all bombard them with emails suggesting that they ship here. Sound good? Good!


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