Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Gemma Ward of the ballet world

You know, I simultaneously love and hate young people who accomplish great things. Love them, because they're usually incredible, talented, inspiring people, and hate them, because inspiring as they may be, I'll still probably never be that cool. Well, I suppose all you can do is appreciate them, because jealous certainly doesn't get you anywhere, and really, if you at least pretend to be gracious, people'll probably think that you're a lot more sophisticated.

So, Carolyn Judson is a 21 year-old ballerina with the Texas Ballet Theatre, and not only is she incredibly talented and lyrical and lovely, she's also adorable. She has those cherubic features that are just so right-now, and she just keeps rising in the ballet world, so it looks like she has a bright future.

Ok, so to tie this in to fashion--reading about her has made me wonder, why is it that designers choose models and society girls as muses? I mean, don't get me wrong, readers of this blog may think I'm snarky (sometimes right) and sarcastic (always right), but I would never say modeling isn't work. I mean, I wore four inch heels every night in rehearsal and performance of a play for ages, so I can't imagine wearing seven inch heels and platforms every day on runways etc., and only getting three hours hours of sleep a night and a diet coke as food every day on top of it. Modeling, I'm sure, is tough (but not being a society girl--has Paris Hilton ever fucking done anything?). But this girl is not only lovely and cute, she does big, significant, artistic things. She has a passion and a trade. She's not even directly involved in the commercial aspect of it. It's probably a calling. So why isn't she a muse? I could see Zac Posen doing ballerina style as an aesthetic one season. I mean, really, she, like many other young, gorgeous, TALENTED things, would be perfect. So why pick an heiress? I don't get it.


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