Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I take it all back!

Ok, anything with slightly negative undertones that I may have said about Amanda Peet is hereby unsaid--I saw "Barefoot in the Park" tonight, and she was fantastic, as was the rest of the tony-nominated ensemble. Ok, I'd love to go on about acting and about staging dated plays, but this is a fashion blog, so I'll just talk about how fantastic the costumes designed by Isaac Mizrahi were. He's a clever one; he picked right up on the things that are wearable now but still recognizably 60's, so the play was obviously not modern, but still very aesthetically pleasing and easy to identify with. Ok, but I care much more about the acting than the costumes, so I'm gonna end this entry. Amanda Peet's "style secrets" in Lucky were lackluster, but her performance sure as hell wasn't!


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