Monday, March 13, 2006

Hunting the elusive 32C

If you, like me, have a hard-to-find bra size, you, like me, probably hate lingerie shopping. Been there, done that. And I still hate it, too. But I have figured out ways to find my ridiculously-difficult-to-find bra size, and I assure you, it can be done.

The most consistently good source is the internet. Websites like (my personal favorite) and have a huge range of sizes, and since you'll probably find more than plenty in your size, you can be choosy about what style you want--I'm a fan of demi-bras.

The best option, however, is designer markdown places. See, I don't really like paying $80 for a bra, so the prices here are an added benefit, but the big advantage is that they'll have a lot of designers in one place, and pricier brands are almost always more likely to make lots of sizes. I've found a big range of sizes at Daffy's, believe it or not, and just today, I got two bras at Century 21 (grand total of $26, thank you very much).

The last (but still good) option is the brand Natori. They're available at lots of department stores, and while big chain stores might not always have your size, Natori runs a little big (their 32B fits me fine, and 32B is a MUCH easier size to find than C), and is also really, really stretchy, and they use some crazy material that'll tend to mold to your body. So, the result is that even if the bra you've got isn't your size, it'll probably still fit.


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