Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ummm. . .

So lately, I've been thinking about how much money I spend on clothes, since a couple of days ago, a friend of mine made some comment about how he'd "have to stop eating if he spent as much money on clothes as [I] spend." Now, since I expect to spend way too much money on clothes, I don't really think about it too much. But since my cash supply is limited, I've been writing down all the cash ('cause, y'know, credit isn't really money) I've spent over the past two days--wow. Ok, it's probably dumb of me to put this on the internet, but I've never been known for being sensible, so here ya go:
$7 - cab ride
$30 - groceries
$15 - lunch at my favorite restaurant
$2 - subway ride
$49 - clothes
$14 - clothes (thirft store. obviously)
$5 - new handbag (H&M. obviously)
And my plans for tomorrow included buying a new bra, new vintage dress, new leotard (I'm a ballet dancer), and the new issue of Jane. Hmm. Well, out of everything I've spent, $54 has been on necessities, and $68 has been on fashion, which means that only slightly more than half of my money goes toward looking stylish. Well. . . that's not too bad, right? I mean, it at least could be worse, couldn't it? A little worse? Maybe? Ok, I need to go think about something else now. . .


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