Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Miu meow!

With her new collection, Miuccia Prada wanted "to make Miu Miu more special and important. Well, she almost undoutedly succeeded, but wasn't miu miu pretty damn "special and important" already? I mean, she's Miuccia Prada, for God's sake! She's the most influential woman in the fashion world! I mean, Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Tara Subkoff, etc., are wonderful, but the fashion world is largely run by men (which is ironic. . .)--Miuccia is the only woman who can fairly be compared to, say, Karl Lagerfeld (and, just for the sake of making said comparison, I think that Miuccia is better than Kaiser Karl at recreating the look every season but still sticking to an aesthetic. So there).

But as far as the collection goes, I'll probably be carrying around pictures from the show when I go shopping next week. I love that, now that everyone's doing an arts-and-crafts patchworth sort of look, Miu Miu, who invented the look, isn't. Still, it's quite recognizably Miu Miu, and this collection somehow manages to make sloppy look neat. Does that make sense? No. What I mean is that the relaxed, piled-on layers look really clean and put together. Long live Miuccia Prada!


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