Friday, February 17, 2006

If you haven't seen. . .

. . . the most recent episode of project runway, than DON'T READ THIS, because I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Well, not that there were any surprises. After Nick went home (damn damn damn damn damn), I think that we all knew who was going to fashion week, and who wasn't. Well, actually, all four of them went to fashion week--after all, they didn't want us to know who the final three were before the show aired. Only three of them got to compete at fashion week, but at least (here's the spoiler) Kara got to go.

Now, I think that Kara did some nice work (flower dress) and some terrible god-awful work (traffic dress) on the show, but her collection really surprised me. Not only is it just flat-out cute, it definitely has a vision and an aesthetic to it that none of her clothing on the show really did.

Sooo, I'm going to talk about it, seeing as, chances are, no one else will. Let's start with the dress at right, above. I mean, it's pretty, right? I, personally, hate yellow clothes, but she definitely chose the right model to wear it, because it looks gorgeous. The top is nicely structural without being severe, and the chiffon is pretty and romantic, and they work together. Now, this next dress looks an awful lot like the dress that Kara herself was wearing on the final episode, but I'd wear it, so I'll let that slide. Once again, lovely color.

Hey, do you guys remember how, on the last season, Jay McCaroll spray-painted all these aviator earguard thingies different colors and then put them on his models and it was really cool because it sort of tied all of these different design concepts together? Well, I just found that so original, and I think that it's really respectable that no one has tried to imitate him to acheive the same effect. . .

. . . oh, no, wait. . .

Well, aviator earguards didn't catch on as the next must-have accessory last year, so I don't imagine that weird chunky knit hats will exactly be the hit of the season. But still.

But I don't mean to be too hard on Kara. I mean, like I said, she deserves some credit. Granted, a lot of the dresses look alike, and none of them are exactly well-made or fit the models, but c'mon, she doesn't get to compete, so I doubt she wanted to put too much effort into the clothes. Still, she did some great work. I mean, look at the dress at left--I looooove the combination of satin and flannel-ish fabric, and the deep purple and grey plaid are a lovely, darling, pair. I give this dress five stars. I want one. Now, if I can just resist looking at the real finalists' dresses, I'll be in great shape for the next episode(s). No spoilers, I promise.


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