Monday, November 21, 2005

Ok, stone me

Yeah, I suck. I know. I'm sorry. I'm trying to be better...

I haven't put out a podcast in ages. Again, apologies! The show's not over, it's just sort of... on sabbatical. If anyone wants to call my professors and tell them to cool it with the paper and the reading and the papers and the reading, they're perfectly welcome to, but currently, the papers and the reading just aren't leaving me enough time to podcast. Seriously, What I Wore will be back soon, with more exciting news on what I wear.

I'd put out an episode now instead of updating the blog, but I have a bit of a nasty cold, and I don't think anyone wants to hear me weeze and cough my way through on a discussion on to what extent the Ugg-aesthetic is dead this season. Seriously though, what I wore is not over.

It's not over, because obviously, I still think a lot about clothing. Just this morning, as I was trying to force myself out of bed and to my dramatic literature class, I wondered exactly how much you should let how you feel affect what you wear. I mean, it's good to be comfortably, and to have your clothes match your persona of the day, but it's also extremely practical to think ahead. I was thinking that I'd wear a pair of Yanuk jeans, a burgundy camisole, a black 80's dolman sweater, and pointy flats today, but a dramatic, fashion-savvy outfit like that really deserves eyeliner and a hairstyle, doesn't it? I mean, don't get me wrong, if your clothing is dramatic, you shouldn't let your makeup upstage it, but I didn't want to have a plain face and floppy hair on top of a beautiful batwing sweater. I decided to wear a sweatshirt with a crane on it and chuck taylors instead, but I wore some pearls, just so I could feel kinda pretty, but I didn't do anything with my hair or anything--having woken up sick, I just didn't feel up to the effort. Still, is this acceptable? I mean, I go to a pretty academically-intense school (now that I've said that, mark me, someone will find at least 5 spelling/grammar mistakes in this entry. just wait), so if everyone just dressed as low-maintenance as they felt, we'd all be stumbling around campus in dirty sweats with eyes full of last night's mascara. Wait, a lot of people do that already.

Oh well. I guess that you have to like and feel comfortable in what you're wearing in order to do it justice. And as for today's day of grossness and illness, I think I've done what I can for my sweatshirt. Cheers.

Ok, the show'll be back soon, guys. I promise.


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