Monday, October 03, 2005

Episode 10: Grab your headphones and some granola, and listen up!

Hey hip hippies, today's episode is about organic/eco clothing. Argh! Why does my podcast have to be so boring? Hey, wait, it's NOT boring, I talk about clothes that are actually stylish in this episode! No, I'm not discussing the merits of ankle-length hemp shirts and unshaven armpits. See and buy the cool stuff I talk about at these places:
The basics: Small, but if we support them, they’ll grow., lots of stuff

The standout pieces:
Organic cotton, by Patagonia (good for outdoors), plus a modern shape:
Pretty, graceful, probably very durable:
I LOVE this for fall:

The rock stars:


Oh, and I'm wearing jeans, a cashmere t-shirt, and blue earrings. Hear me talk about much more interesting clothing by downloading episode 10 at!


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