Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Better late than never

Ok, I don't actually have the time to write this, but today has been a crazy, weird, alarming, joyous, fun, terribly sad, day. And that's not my dramatic side, today really has fit all those descriptions, so I feel entitled to take a little time off to write this entry. Oh, but I am writing tomorrow's to-do list and doing a bunch of other things while I write this, so forgive me any typos.

Now, I know that it's way late to comment on this, but since I don't actually think that anyone reads this, I'm going to do what I want. Plus, it's still gotta be fashion week somewhere--right? Looking at the shows has made me realize exactly how much I love Blumarine. Now, I've always liked Blumarine (and Blugirl!), but I'm not sure if I ever realized the true extent of Anna Molinari's genius before. I mean, tons of Italian designers have become massive icons, and with good cause. Italian fashion is usually flashy, splashy, unapologetically sexy. completely without subtlety, and incredibly indulgent. This is why, of course, everyone wants it. Anna Molinari obeys all the major tenets of Italian fashion without losing her sense of humor. Her clothes are fun. Her clothing can be excessive and sexy and cute. If clothes were boys, then Gucci and Fendi would be the silent, dashingly attractive boys that sit in the front (though not center, of course), of the room arrogantly and don't even bother to look at the girls who are staring, because they know that they're staring, and that they'll keep staring. Blumarine would be the boy with sexy, sexy floppy hair who keeps shooting you wicked looks and making you giggle right under your composition professor's nose. Missoni would be the overconfident individulist in the corner that everyone tries to talk to.

Wow, that was bad.

Oh well.

One issue, though--and this isn't only a question for Blumarine, but, um, everyone else as well. Why are all the models white? I mean, I do that it reflects badly on our societ, but just from the point of view of the aesthetics of the show, isn't variety the spice of life? Come on! All the models looks the same!

Still, though. Great clothes.


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