Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, I suppose they never technically went out of vogue. . .

Rejoice, music-loving, fashionable human beings everywhere--iPod are stylish again! See, I got mine at the end of highschool, and it's one of the ones with the four buttons directly below the screen. I loved it and it was wondeful, and I still love it, and it's wonderful, but it has, shall we say, been through the mill (I'd had it for about four days when my brother kicked it across the floor--jesus). So when I saw the iPods that directly followed mine, I was a bit apprehensive--I mean, what if mine kicked it and I had to replace it with one of the ugly ones with the grey scroll wheel? Frightening prospect (I apologize to those who have one of those models, it's still a fabulous machine, I just thought they were very not-as-cute). But, not only are iPods now cheaper than ever, they're a little flatter and a lot slimmer, and they have this kind of tech-y casing over the front, and even though the grey scroll wheel remains, somehow, it looks good! iPods are fabulous once more! Whew. I'm relieved.


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