Friday, March 31, 2006

It won't make a shitty day better, but it'll keep it from showing on your face

You know those, terrible, terrible weeks that you just can't talk yourself out of? You know, when you're having such a bad time that you have to Pollyanna every situation you deal with, whispering to yourself that "I'll only have to deal with this once, and tomorrow will be better! BETTER!" and then, tomorrow comes, and if anything, it's worse? Like, when the shit you have to deal with is just piling up and up, and your friends have tons of shit piling up as well, so not only do you have to fret about your shit, you have to worry about your friends too? Yeah.

Well, I had one such week, and although no amount of ice cream or positive thought helped (I'm thinking of trying out a massive cookie soon, and seeing how that works), I was surprised to see, when I finally got back into my room tonight, that I really didn't look that bad. If anything, I looked (shockingly, and frustratingly) better than normal.

The only explanation I can think of is that, today, I'm wearing a new blush that I heard about. I read about it in a magazine, but it wasn't in a little feature all it's own. It was an offhand comment about how flattering it was in a blurb about another product. See, I've found that beauty products that get rave reviews and get called "miracle workers" and "life-changing" inevitably disappoint, because they don't eliminate the shit you have to deal with, no matter how good you look. They never work miracles or change your life. They just don't deliver. I thought I might be safe, though, with a blush that only got a clause of mention in a massive sentence about something else. And you know what? I was right, and the clause was right. It's flattering.

So try Bourjois blush in Lilas D'Or. I make no promises except that it's a pretty color, but I think you'll all find that true.

UPDATE: I did, in fact, try the massive cookie to see if it would make me feel better, and it did! So, buy the blush, and eat a big M&M cookie as well.


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