Monday, March 27, 2006

The coolest thing I've heard about in a while

You lucky Canadians. Residents of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver can shop at Preloved, where used and vintage clothing is given a new life. Obviously, this isn't a new concept, but a lot of attention goes into Preloved clothes, and the designs they come up with are pretty cool. I wish there was a Preloved here in New York, because I have some qualms with Urban Resurrection (the Urban Outfitters line with a similar design concept), which is the closest thing I can think of here. Reconstructing recycled clothing is cool, but Urban Resurrection things often aren't very reconstructed, they're just thrift store finds marked up 700%. That's not cool.

Preloved, however, gets two stylish thumbs up from me. Actually, I've been thinking about getting a sewing machine of my own to do the same type of thing to my specifications. People who know how to use a sewing machine, would this be a bad idea? I'd love (and probably need) a second opinion.



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