Sunday, March 26, 2006

Recreating the runway part III: dude, she's like, obsessed

This is fun! So, the latest runway shot to catch my eye was from Chloe's recent show. This is such a simple, but still statement-making outfit. It's almost militaristic in it's simplicity, and although the shape is barely-constructed and simple, there's still a little femininity there, thanks to the defined waist, the billowy but still pared-down skirt, and of course, the heels. So let's give it a stab. I bet it's doable for real-people prices.

Here, I really do think that the dress is the most important part of the outfit because it's just most of what you see, what you look at in the outfit. I think that this shape can be recreated with the help of American Apparel (oh, how I love them) and their jersey t-shirt dress in asphalt. Actually, the asphalt color is just about exactly the color of the Chloe dress--cool.

The belt, I think is almost as important, because it's what gives the dress its shape and its femininity. This one is available at, it's the right color (pretty pretty baby blue), and it's pretty damn cheap, too.

For shoes, I feel like simple black patent pumps are a better option than the lace-up short high-heeled boots in the picture. Much simpler, both to write and to wear. While the ones in the picture are bold on the runway, they're sort of granny in real life. Find a million options in black pumps at Zappos. I love Zappos--if you have a bad day, you can have shoes waiting at the post office sometimes within 48 hours! It's fabulous for finals season.

Ok, to put it all together, put the belt at the waist (NO higher--this is NOT a babydoll look, no matter how delightful that style may be), but don't cinch it too tightly. Only wear it as tight as it needs to be to differentiate your waist from everything else. Add black stockings. I'm assuming you all can find those on your own. Simple and stylish in its simplicity.


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