Saturday, March 25, 2006

Let's have a moment of silence to mourn the loss. . .

I just lost a delightful vintage Missoni skirt on eBay. I'm trying not to be superficial about things (ha), but I really am sad. See, I don't have a mailing address right now (don't ask), so I had someone else bid for me so that she could send a money order, I could pay her back, and she could send me the skirt. I just can't believe that the damn thing went for $17.50. I would have bid sooo much more than that. I mean, it was a favor for her to bid for me, so I'm not angry, but I am rather depressed about the whole thing.

New Missoni clothing costs soooo much more (the skirt at right is more than $1,000), and the ironic thing is, I actually think that the vintage skirt (up left) is better, at least, better than the one at right (plus, I wouldn't have an anxiety attack every time I thought about wearing it out of the house). Big sigh.


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