Sunday, March 19, 2006

Recreating the runway part II

Copying, I mean, "creatively reinterpreting" that Luella runway shot was so much fun that I thought I'd try it again. Let's go for Spring Prada and those slouchy tights that everyone (me included) is so damn excited about. This outfit is almost perfect, if there is a perfect, isn't it? The simple, delicate, pretty dress over the redeemingly imperfect (but stylishly perfect--does that make sense? probably not) rumpled tights, and the pop of the somehow-still-understated red shoes. . . I love it. Most of us (me included), however, probably can't afford this outfit, so it's back to the drawing board (fashion blog?) to create the look. Obviously, the tights are the most important part, so let's start there. I believe the Prada ones cost around $100, which actually isn't too bad for anything with the word "Prada" attached to it, but I personally don't want to pay so much for something that goes under clothing anyway. So my recommendation is to start with a pair of normal, cheap grey tights--I like the idea of them being organic, like the ones at right--and cut off each leg RIGHT below the crotch (I've heard the Prada ones are really long, so you want to keep the length here). Moving on, you need some statement-making red shoes, and I know just where to go for that--see my favorite shoes at left Really, I do want to buy them--they're only $35--but I just can't bring myself to purchase anything from a website called "Dressed2Play." It seems so tacky. But maybe I'll break down. I asked my brother if I should get them, and he said no because they're unsubtle. HA! I said, "Subtlety is not the point." But I digress. The last element is the dress. The dress is obviously the hardest part, but in a way, I think it's the least important part--I mean, it would be a pretty dress and nothing more if it weren't for the seemingly incongruous shoes and delightfully slouchy tights (I WANT those tights!!). So let's try a simple white tank dress (I know the picture is pink, I know, I know, I'm sorry. Don't actually wear pink. You'll look like a valentine with those shoes). American Apparel is the place to go. I know that it lacks the detailing, but the detailing is faded and washed out (and perfect) anyway, so it's not terribly important.

Ok, the way to put it all together is to put on the stockings (which should be two separate stockings at this point) and pull them down until they're not much above your knee, and try to situate most of the wrinkles around your knee and ankle, but when you walk, they'll probably end up there anyway. Holding true to the Prada vide, hair and makeup should be pared down--besides, with those shoes, you really don't need anything else to stand out. Lovely. Perfect.


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