Sunday, March 19, 2006

Me, myself & iPod

I would like to share a recent philosophic revelation with you, a fashion PSA, if you will. If you dress to impress people, like if you plan certain outfits for days when you'll run into certain people, or days when you'll see a lot of friends or be in public a lot (something of which I'm certainly guilty), you will never enjoy your clothes as much as you could. First of all, your outfit won't really be your style, it'll be what you think people will like on you. Second of all, it takes all the delightful indulgence out of fashion--if you're not dressing for yourself, where's the fun? Lastly, you're in for a big letdown when you don't run into whoever you wanted to be seen by, or worse, when they look right past you and don't even notice the cute miniskirt you're wearing even though it's frickin' 33 degrees out and you're freezing your ass off. So please: do your fashion sense a favor and dress for yourself. I mean, when I'm traveling alone (one of my favorite things to do) I bring all my favorite clothes so that I can enjoy them. By myself.

And by "by myself," I mean with my best friend. My iPod. Oooh, how I love thee. . .

(To all my dear friends and family who read this, you know I love you all to death, but none of you sing me to sleep at night.)


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