Sunday, March 26, 2006

Those Swedes sure know style

Growing up in the midwest, I was terribly, terribly jealous of everyone who had access to the fabulous clothing at H&M. Now that I am one of those terribly lucky people, I'm glad that my envy wasn't wasted--I truly think that H&M is amazing. I recently found the absolute perfect sundress there--it's black with pastel chevron-ish stripes, the straps are adjustable, so I won't have to get it tailored, the shape is simple and lovely, and it's sort of empire-waisted, but the bustline has an interesting, almost jagged-looking cut. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am thrilled! Best part: $20. Let me repeat that because it's so amazing: it cost $20!! I mean, a vintage sundress on eBay wouldn't be that cheap!

Oh, and in keeping with the theme of socially responsible clothes, H&M won't use sweatshop labor, and they're in the process of removing all the potentially envirtonmentally damaging chemical components from their clothes. I even heard that they might start using 5% organic cotton in their clothing. As far as ethical business goes, it's hard to beat that.

H&M's clothes are always stylish, but I'm eagarly awaiting their next designer collaboration (whoever that'll be). I'm still kicking myself for missing Stella McCartney.

Have I mentioned how thrilled I am with my new dress?


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