Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What an original name

Who knew? While I did notice that sneakers have been getting awfully gimmicky lately, I had no idea that um, shall we say, sneaker afficianados had a name for themselves. "Sneakerheads," as the New York Times claims that they're called (I'm skeptical only because I'm shocked that I've never heard of them before, shoe junkie that I am), are apparently the driving force behind the trend of basic sneakers getting cool by becoming--well--not basic.

Some new sneakers designs, I think, are over the top. I mean, it's not that cool to have a pair of printed kicks if they're available in every possible print. stocks 250 different types of Converse Chuck Taylors alone. I betcha there are a ton of different types of their Jack Purcells as well. Overall, though, I do think that this is a trend I can appreciate--after all, I already have two pairs of laceless Converse Chuck Taylors (one of which is blue tweed), and a pair of those faux-distressed Keds, so I suppose I owe a "thanks" to Sneakerheads everywhere.

Um, thanks.

I mean it when I say, however, that NOTHING will ever replace my black low-top Chuck Taylors. Except, possibly, another pair of black low-top Chuck Taylors, 'cause mine are pretty beaten up.


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