Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Er, what?

The other day, I had some time to kill (ie, I had some work to procrastinate--in this case, I'm putting off writing a paper on how a particularly play was received by the pedants, and how it influenced its genre. Wish I'd chosen an influential play), so I decided to log some hours (more like minutes, unfortunately, though) on Now, my favorite section of is the fashion show coverage, even long after the parade of fashion weeks has ended (obviously). I was looking at the list of shows--I recognized many names, and there were a good few that I didn't recognize as well. I decided to randomly click on a name that I didn't even have a vague, dreamlike recollection of ever encountering, and check it out. Erdem was elected. And it's nice. I'm pleased.

That was sort of a pointless entry, but I do hope that you like the picture. I do, save the really really harsh hair and lips on the model.



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