Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wow, I love her style

Look to the right. Notice anything different? Probably not. Well, I added a new section of links, all of which are sites where you can see picture of what real people, not designers, not celebrities with stylists, not models--you get the picture--are wearing. The first, The Sartorialist, is probably the best-known. He takes pictures of various New Yorkers who look good in various parts of New York. Sometimes he comments, while other times, it's just the picture. He's a good photographer, and he's got good taste too--I love visiting The Sartorialist. The next, Tokyo Street Style, is exactly what it sounds like--people in various parts of Tokyo. Dress is so vibrant there. I really like looking at this site, because you really can see a clear difference in the way that people who live in different parts of Tokyo dress. The next, The Cobra Snake, you've probably heard of. It's how soon-to-be-it-girl Cory Kennedy became a soon-to-be-it-girl. It's pictures of various parties, and while it's a very fun site, it's not specifically devoted to fashion, and I'm not responsible for any content that people find offensive. It's full of people wearing great clothes, and yes, doing debaucherous things sometimes. They still look good. Lastly, My Style Diary can be both tremendously inspiring and tremendously funny. It depends on whose style diary you're looking at.

That's it for now, but hopefully the list will grow. Now, go get inspired!


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