Saturday, June 03, 2006

Almost YSL

Into IT bags? Dying for a YSL muse, Fendi B bag, or Dior Saddlebag, but don't have the cash to shell out for one? Well, now you can have one anyway! . . . Almost. The brand Mebilosa makes bags that are basically IT bags, but just slightly different enough to avoid plagiarism laws. No doubt they're close copies, but honestly, to me, they just look cheap. Let's observe.

Here's a real muse:

And here's the copy:

Here's a real B bag:

And here's the fake one:

Here's the real Dior Saddle Bag:

And here's the imitation:

Like I said, they're pretty damn good imitations, but I say, if you're going to get a knock-off bag, go to Mexico and get one that's really convincing. With one of these, you don't get the name or the quality (and while I grant that you won't get the quality with an illegal knock-off, ideally, no one will be able to tell to the difference), you'll just get to project the fact that you're dying for a bag that all the celebs have, but don't really have one.

Now I admit, I'm being pretty hard on IT bags, but I'm not trying to be a snob (God knows I can't afford one), but I guess I just prefer originally to copies, cheap or otherwise. In fact, I think that IT bags cease to be cool when they become IT bags. Where's the allure in having something that everyone else already has? I mean, I know it's a status symbol, but isn't it much better to wear something that says "I have an aesthetic" than "I have a lot of money?" One of my favorite bags came from a Salvation Army. Another one of my favorite bags is Cynthia Rowley. If you've got money to spend, spend it on something whimsical an original. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, spend it on something whimsical and original.

IF, however, you insist on having an IT bag, go with the muse--if I do say so myself, it looks pretty good.


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