Saturday, August 12, 2006

I like Converse. I like grunge. I like John Varvatos.

So naturally, I like the way that John Varvatos is drawing on grunge influences for his line for Converse. I actually bought a pair of brown slip-on Chuck Taylors right after they came out, and later, a blue tweed pair as well. I haven't bought any of the clothing (curse you, midwest), and frankly, I'm not sure I will, unless I find it on sale somewhere, but I really do like it. Grunge-minimalist is such a chic idea. The latest edition to the Converse-John Varvatos collaboration is the best, however. These sneakers are the perfect marriage of tech-y, modern, new, classic, and simple. Love 'em. I'm not sure how they'd go with the sort of clean 60's look I'm cultivating for fall, but still, they're awfully cool kicks.


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