Friday, August 11, 2006

Organic, organic, organic!

Ok, the actual title of this post should have been "Organic, organic" but I thought that three times had more of a ring to it. What am I blathering on about? Why, denim, of course! Two new organic denim lines have hit the headlines: Levi's is starting an organic line, but more excitingly, designer Tierra Del Forte has started Del Forte Denim, a line of jeans that's not only made out of organic, sustainable (sustainably farmed) cotton, but is also dyed and treated in environmentally friendly ways. She's also looking into cleaner ways to use indigo, etc. The best part? The fit is supposed to be amazing.

Levi's has been accused of "jumping onto the organic bandwagon," and only using the sustainable aspect as a marketing ploy, but I say that sustainability is sustainability. Sure, they're going to get more money for organic jeans, because concerned consumers are willing to pay (I know I am), and moreover, due to the care that goes into organic farming, it's more expensive to begin with.

The jeans shown are Del Forte, and I think they're very extremely cute. I like the shorter crop with the wider leg--it's a welcome change from gauchos, and a little more relaxed than bermuda shorts. I'm guessing that Levi's is making good organic jeans too, because, hey, they know their denim. Even if the construction of Levi's is occasionally a little cheap (though I feel like their more expensive lines could get put through a grinder and survive), I'm always happy with the cut of Levi's jeans. Now, I'm happy with the ethics, too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Del Forte jeans are dynamo, dynamo, dynamo.

It takes more than a little magic to make my butt look this good and somehow Tierra did it!

Oh......and I get to walk around without all those nasty chemicals up against my body. WOooohoooo

11:53 AM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Good to know! They look great--I haven't had a chance to find a pair yet (damn my limited shopping time!), but you've definitely made me want to try.

8:05 AM  

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