Saturday, October 07, 2006

Mea Culpa

I'm awfully sorry to have become a weekend-only blogger, guys. My life is just a little more hectic than it should be right now. Still, London is providing lots of fashion inspiration, and I'm enjoying the daring mixing--right now, I'm wearing grey skinny jeans (I know they're trendoid, but they look really good!), a narrow cream belt, a pale blue Marc Jacobs tank top with a dolly design, a navy knit vest from Mango, and Keds. If it sounds cluttered, it isn't. It's just a little eclectic. Actually, with the jeans and the tank and vest creating such a tight, rocker-silhouette, I feel like Irina Lazerenau.

It's a good feeling!

But anyow. Moving away from the self-indulgence, I promise to try to get some good blogging done soon. I have to buy some warm clothes this weekend, so that should give me plenty of fuel.


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