Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just a quick rant

I know that this is something that gets said a lot, but in my opinion, it can't be said enough: don't judge your body by your clothing size. I speak with the voice of experience when I say that it's unhealthy for your body, your happiness, and society as a whole. Furthermore, it's a completely inaccurate gage of anything at all.

Take today, for example. I needed a pair of dress pants, so I went on a quick shopping run. The jeans that I'm wearing today are a size 3. At the shop I went to, I grabbed a size 4, a 6, and a 7. The seven was a little big in the leg, but other than that, both other pairs of pants fit me in the hips and waist. But, none of them worked, because they were all too short. That's three different sizes, people. Um, ok. . . ?

I ended up going somewhere else entirely and getting a size. . . 8! I've finally, FINALLY realized that the number inside your clothing is just that, based only on the whim on a retailer. "Inconsistent" doesn't begin to describe modern sizing. I'm usually a 4, with quite a bit of 2s strewn through my wardrobe, and the occasional 6 as well. The fact that one rather-small running brand (H&M, if you're curious) puts me into a size 8 doesn't actually change the size or shape of my body, even if it can sound a bit intimidating to my size 4 ego. But even that's stupid.

So, the message of today's PSA is to love your body and treat it well, but most of all, don't judge it harshly just because stupid mass retailers can't get their ducks in a row.


Blogger Brittany said...

exactly! completely off the point (a little) but i have to have a model for a schol project and shes a size 00. finding clothes for her in a store was terrifying. never would i want to be close to that size. i like the way i am, thank you.

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