Friday, March 02, 2007

Ugly, and ooooh so desireable. . .

Things are getting out of control. First, I succumbed to skinny jeans, because I thought they were the only way to wear last season's blousy tops. But soon, I was wearing them with all things shrink-wrapped, and just about everything else I can think of. I love 'em.

Next, it was ankle boots. I used to think that they looked hopelessly dated, but the hopelessly dated look grew on me, and I now own a beautiful teal pair that I wear whenever I can. I'd wear them even more than I do, but I got them in England, so they'll be hard to replace.

So, what it is now? Oh, the shame, I can hardly bring myself to say it. . . a jumpsuit. Yes, it's true, fashion show coverage and some salutation from the mags has me wanting my very own onesies. I dunno if I'll break down and do it, but I'll keep you posted one way or another. . .

This 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent one would be a great choice, but I actually just bought a 12th Street dress, and it set me back enought that my jumpsuit will probably have to come from H&M. Oooh, the humanity. . .

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