Monday, April 03, 2006

Brand review: I'm sure that their looms are state-of-the-art

Forgive me the tacky pun. I couldn't resist. I think it runs in my family or something.

Ok, so I've really been enjoying this theme of sustainable/socially responsible clothing, so I thought I'd take a moment to tell all you delightfully stylish and ethical people about Loomstate. Loomstate is the line of organic denim (and t-shirts) by the legendary denim designer Rogan, one of his many side projects (I swear, every time I open a magazine, there's something about what Rogan is working on next--he's like the second coming of Levi Strauss or something). Like all of Rogan's lines, the jeans are expensive (I believe $160 and up), but at least you know that you won't be sacrificing stylishness for sustainability.

My own experience with Loomstate is disappointingly limited. I got one of their t-shirts for my last birthday, and I'm very happy with it--it's a gorgeous but ever-so-slightly-loved shade of teal, the fit isn't overly constructed and overly girly, but it's still flattering, and the image never fails to garner comments (mostly compliments). Actually, second to the organic cotton, what attracted me to Loomstate's shirts was the abundance of interesting, unique prints. Mine has the silhouettes of two horses drinking, and the silhouettes of their shadows in the water. You have to look at it for a moment to figure it out, but it's really beautiful. I'm also a big fan of their buffalo print (I keep telling my brother that he needs that shirt), and their "beautiful breathe" design, which is actually a print of the interior of human lungs. It's not creepy, I promise. The images are somewhat loosely oriented around a nature theme, but there's nothing crunchy about them.

A month or so ago, I went shopping, armed with far too much cash, and completely prepared to spend a large portion of it on Loomstate jeans. Annoyingly, I learned that day that Loomstate jeans are frustratingly difficult to track down. I didn't find a pair. Argh. Of course I know that, with a little creativity, just about anything can be found on the internet, but I had set out for a day of shopping, and I was going to have one, dammit, so I spent my money on other (lovely) things that day. The friend with whom I was shopping remembered what I was looking for though, and when, a few weeks later, she found a pair of Loomstate jeans deeply discounted, she brought them to me, but they were a size 25 (for those of you who don't speak waist sizes, that's a size tiny--like, a 0 or a 00), and they didn't want to zip (or come anywhere close to zipping) on me. What I can tell you is that the denim is a nice texture, very soft without being insubstantial, and that the distressing is enough that they look casual in any situation (if it's an issue, I think you'd be really hard-pressed to dress them up), but it's not so ridiculous that they look like they're about to fall apart. They're also very well-made (and they damn well better be, for what they cost).

I'm not going to go to the trouble of making up some stupid rubric and rating system for clothes that wouldn't mean anything anyway, so I'll just say that I like Loomstate a lot. In fact (even though I have yet to track down a pair that I'm going to buy, ironically), I think that they're one of my favorite denim brands. They're usually pretty available at Revolve, and if sustainable clothing is specifically something that interests you The Green Loop has a small but nice selection, and lots of other green fashion as well.

Remember, sustainability (especially Loomstate) is sexy!



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