Friday, April 07, 2006

Recreating the runway part IV: this one's too easy

Remember that Marc by Marc Jacobs pink dress from a couple seasons ago that everyone went crazy over? The one that was almost offensively bright, and was printed with big black roses that were reminiscent of tiger stripes? Well, if you don't remember it, the picture's right there.

Even though the structure of the dress is cool, this look is all about the print. This tank top, from Delia's does almost all the work for you (I mean, I wonder where on earth they found the inspiration. . .). To keep the dress look, you'll need a skirt (though hopefully, you didn't need to me tell you that). To keep the boldness, I'd go with pink--pink like the pictured American Apparel skirt. Have I talked yet about how much I love American Apparel? I love American Apparel. The print is so visual that this outfit seems to happen completely in the dress, but believe it or not, the bottom is important. If the boots were loud, the outfit would be hard on the eyes. If they were too subtle, so much attention would be on the dress that it would still be hard on the eyes. If they were too constrast-y (like, old and beat-up or something) and didn't go with the aesthetic of the dress, they would be distracting. Grey boots are a wise choice because they compliment the pink, and they're sizeable enough that they pull a little attention from the loudness of the dress. The pictured grey boots are availabe at Zappos, and I think that they go with the rest of the outfit well enough, but there are many pairs of grey boots in the world (some of which would probably be ok with the rest of this outfit).

To put it all together, um, put it on.


Anonymous Bonnie J. Brooks said...

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