Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sipping Stylish

Most of the time, fads in cocktails don't interest me. I'm very happy with my Mimosas and Shiraz, thank you very much. Also, they're pretty ridiculous sometimes--I mean, I remember when the New York Times ran an article about cocktails made with super rare liquor and bejeweled swizzle sticks that ran in the neighborhood of $700. You could buy couture for that! One trend in the drinking world that does strike me as trend-worthy, though, is that of organic cocktails.

First of all, they're unique. How often, when someone asks what you're drinking, do you get to say "Oh, it's an organic champagne cocktail" rather than "Oh, it's just Jack and coke"? Second of all, because of already-high standards for production, the amount of attention that goes into organic products is usually huge, so I feel like you're guaranteed a good drink. It's inherent to the product. Thirdly, limits in the availability of organic booze mean that, when concocting an organic coctail, creativity is a must. I've heard about some pretty damn original organic cocktails out there. I'd love to try vaguely-smokey-flavored liquor distilled from organic pears. Lastly, organic farming is a lot more sustainable, and the longer we preserve the planet, the longer we can enjoy delightful lives of thrilling conversation, good cocktails, and interesting, challenging fashion.

Read more about drinking organic here, and learn about mixing organic here.

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