Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good expensive, bad expensive

You know, reflecting on my last post, I must admit, I only shared half the story--all clothes, not just cheap clothing, is all in the choosing. Observe:

Chloe. Simple, gorgeous, sort of sublimely perfect, even though that's a strong assertion to make. I love the way that the combination of a relatively high hem and modest shift shape make it so elegant and sexy. It's a pity I can't afford it, because I think it's my ideal little black dress.

Kay Unger. Icky mumsy shapeless ugly weird, ew ew ew. This looks like it belongs at Chico's, not Neiman Marcus.

But both pieces are available at upscale fashion beacon Neiman Marcus, which proves once and for all that taste is always more important than money. Not that money hurts.


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