Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another testament to the greatness of Primark

I was at Primark last week, looking at a wide selection of shoes for £6 and £8 when I saw a pair of boots that intrigued me. I normally don't do boots with a small heel--it's either flat or stiletto for me--but I loved their soft grey color and Victorian styling. I figured that I'm in a new place and should be doing new things, and plus, for £15, I can afford to take a chance, so I went ahead and sprung for them. They're very warm and comfortable, and surprisingly easy to wear.

The next day or so, I was walking in Bayswater, and looked in the window of major British shoe-purveyor Office. The first things I saw were my new boots--for £75!

I dunno if my boots are particularly watertight, and they might not last too long, but damn, Primark makes positively lovely knock-offs. I'm totally going back soon!


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