Monday, February 05, 2007

What I Wore's "What I would wear"

Even though I haven't been able to hit the sample sales this year, runway shots have provided me with a multitude of items to seek out in the end-of-season sales next year. The designs that come down the runway may not always be exactly what hits the racks--and sometimes for good reason--but I've seen quite a few pieces that I'd wear exactly as they are on the models (um, but in a size 4, please). So, without further ado, here are the items from the shows that I would happily wear (thusfar)!

This adorable little dress was made by knitwear darling Alexander Wang, who apparently doesn't need a skein of cashmere yarn to turn out something fabulous. Actually, I really loved his whole show--I thought it was very clean and new, without any of the coldness usually associated with "modern" design. Plus, I totally think I could pull off the pattern.

I think that this Erin Fetherston dress, modeled by the designer herself, is very sweet. There were other items in the collection that I liked (though the show doesn't seem to have been as fantastic as her last one), but this is probably the only one what I would wear. And, come to think of it, I already have a dress a lot like it. But hey, I do wear a lot of grey.

It's no happy coincidence that the only Developement items I own (two tops and a skirt) were designed while Phillip Lim was still the designer. I adore him. I really, positively, totally and completely adore him. His 3.1 Phillip Lim line is a little out of my price range (um, as is everything else on this page), but I'm keeping an eye out for it on eBay, at Century 21, Tokio 7, etc. Hey, a girl can dream. Oh, and, of course, the dress is lovely. Right for a country club dinner with your grandmother, cocktails with your sexy rocker boyfriend (who's hopefully less of a loser than mine was), or over jeans for a day out with the girls. What more can you ask of a dress?

Rag & Bone is the show that has probably impressed me the most. I know they're known for their denim, but I'm thoroughly in love with their everything right now. I thought that the tight, cropped suits were, for lack of a better way to put it, totally hot. It's no mean feat to make tweed and glenn plaid look fierce (which they did)! I loved the suits, but realistically, I'm not going to toss one on for my Shakespeare seminar, whereas this look is something I would do. Somehow, the black jeans with the shrunken blazer looks very right, even though it should be a played-out look. Something about the proportion just makes it work incredibly well.

And when you really love something, one is never enough, right? I could choose if I liked the previous look or this one better, so you, my lucky readers, get both. I know, I know, a dress over skinny pants is also a bit of a well-loved look (although one that I sure as hell won't give up any time soon), but once more, this one is just so right. The dress is beautiful, but it goes well with the jeans rather than competing with it for formality (because tossing jeans on under something too formal for every day is the best way to extend its life), so I think it's unique in that way. Plus, as I said, I really like grey.

So, those are my (thusfar) picks. Guess I'll be buying a lot of dresses in the coming months. Hey, the more, the merrier!



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