Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a hell of a town!

I love coming to New York City. When I'm here, I just feel like everything is available to me. Unfortunately, it causes me tooverindulge a bit, but a bit of overindulgence can be fortunate, don't you think? Yesterday, I had Korean-style frozen yogurt (soooo good), and then made the trek over to brooklyn for a dinner party. Today, I had a latte and a pear almond scone for breakfast, I bought a crate of organic clementines and a Rasputina CD, and I might take a ballet class, provided that I can fit it in before my dinner plans. Tomorrow, it's off to my favorite restaurant for dinner with a friend who I haven't seen in ages. It is, in short, the sweet life. So, as long as I'm indulging everything else, here are the clothing desires that I hope to indulge while I'm here (if, of course, I don't run out of cash):

Built by Wendy's penguin dress. Tooooo cute. I actually would happily shell out the cash for it, if I thought that I'd actually have anywhere to wear it once I leave New York.

A dress with sleeves, so that I can feel spring-y while it's still a little chilly out. I already have a grey one, so blue would be a very nice choice.

A pretty printed sundress, something that will look good over jeans and on its own. this one would be an awesome choice.

But I'm not just dying for dresses: I'd also love a pair of sailor pants. I love my bottoms to be mostly neutral, but a little visual interest never hurts. Plus, I'm a bit fan of buttons.

I'd also like a pair of really bright skinnies. Purple might be a little much, but then again, they might not--I'll have to go try them on at Urban Outfitters (the sailor pants are there as well).

And, of course, I can't leave out my feet! I'd love a pair of really low open-toed wegdes. This beautiful pair would be ideal, but they're sold out, so my heart is left yearning and searching. . .

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