Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to my world. . .

Fashion ABC spreads/articles in magazines can get monotonous, but they can also be fun and interesting. So, I'm going to indulge a bit and share mine. Or at least, mine for now. 'Cause, you know, just like the mags, I change my mind every season.

A is for APC. Love the spring line.
B is for boots. Just boots. Boots, boots, boots.
C is for Chambray, especially when used in Built by Wendy's Art Teacher Blouse. Nice.
D is for Doo.Ri.
E is for Eventide! I love it.
F is for food. Food can be stylish, trendy, fun, and, of course, it's necessary. Never starve yourself for fashion--just eat stylishly.
G is for Grey Ant. I'm currently lusting for one of their sweetheart-neckline oxford shirts. So strange, and so right...
H is for hell-raising, and other fun activities for when you're wearing a mini skirt.
I is for Iekeline Stange. Damn! Why do I suddenly care about models?!? Still, I must admit, she makes clothes look lovely.
J is for jumpsuits. . . are you surprised?
K is for kimono.
L is for London. Oooh, how I miss thee.
M is for Marc Jacobs. Duh.
N is for New York City! I'm only here for two weeks this time, and I already don't know how I'll fit everything in.
O is for open bars.
P is for Philosophy de Alberta Ferretti. I saw one of her skirts in a fashion spread in highschool, and incessantly searched on eBay for something of hers that I could afford. Never found one, but never lost interest, either.
Q is for Querelle Jansen (but only because I couldn't think of anything else).
R is for Rag & Bone.
S is for Sustainability. C'mon. Like you didn't see that coming.
T is for Twinkle by Wenlan.
U is for underwear. Forget about what the starlets are doing, just wear it.
V is for Vanessa Bruno.
W is for Why Not Wear It? If you like it, try it.
X is for. . . is. . . oh, damn.
Y is for Y-3
Z is for Zero Maria Cornejo, just because independent designers are coolest.



Anonymous Lauren istheevilkitten! said...

X is for xylephones. They are wicked. Vist my blog, I will be posting pictures of shoes. Pretty shoes.

4:36 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

I will definitely look forward to your shoes! By the way, girlie, just wanted to say--in your blog drama, you come off as MUCH smarter than whatever assholes are bugging you. I didn't want to post that on your blog, just in case they'd give you grief about it, but you're obviously the more intelligent party.

6:54 PM  

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