Sunday, April 01, 2007

Props to Girlprops

As I'm sure readers have already seen, I did pretty well shopping in NYC. I got to most of the places where I wanted to go, and I got most of the things I wanted to get. In fact, there's only one place that I'm sorry to have missed: the every illustrious Girlprops. Girlprops is the perfect purveyor of all sorts of cheap-chic jewelry. "But Principessa," you're surely saying, "aren't there cheap jewelry shops all over New York? And, despite the poor quality of their jewelry, aren't they usually overpriced?" And the answer is: yes, which is all the more reason why Girlprops is important. Unlike similar places in New York (coughCinderellacough), their jewelry isn't just a cheap mess of rhinestones and over interpreted trends. There are some real gems (hahahaha) to be found there.

I mean, who wouldn't love a shop with a "funny" section of earrings? I'd love this adorable unicorn pair, but it gets much wilder. Think aliens, miniature toothpaste tubes, armadillos, and more.

Girlprops is also one of the few places that can get me excited about necklaces. I love this gold chain with tiny clubs on it, and I don't even wear gold. The buddha pendant is totally nifty. I actually remember subway tokens (gasp! Has it really been so long?), and I would wear the subway token pendant with pride.

So, next time I'm in the city, I won't forget to hit up Girlprops. In the meantime, thank God they have a website!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I adore girlprops, cool name and the store is so inviting as well. I love your shopping trip scores!

6:34 AM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Girlprops is definitely amazing, and thanks!

12:15 PM  
Blogger HardCora said...

flattery will get you everywhere! thanks so much! and for "noticing" the difference...

big kahuna

5:35 PM  

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