Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shopping: Concluded?

It's Marc Jacob's fault. I could have gotten piles upon piles of new clothing, but instead, I'm coming away from NYC with a very small, well-edited, selection of pieces. I have a dress, new pants, two new pairs of jeans (because my favorite pair of all time has a hole--I got the exact same pair again), and two new tops. Why not more? Because I fell in love with and was swept away by a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. It's a bit extreme--there's always that terrifying moment when the salesgirl says "exchange or store credit only"--but it's actually a rather good thing. It's limited my funds enough that I can't buy things I don't need. So, no closet clutter for me!

Besides, the Marc by Marc Jacobs dress that I got is worth it. It's light, easy to wear, fun, simple, and even, I think, a bit sophisticated in its simplicity. It's long enough to be worn as a dress, but short enough that I can easily wear it as a top until it's warm enough, and I love purple. I know it looks a bit silly in the picture, but you'll have to trust me when I say it looks great on. Hey, maybe I'll post some pictures of me wearing it on Wardrobe_Remix. . .

I got a great dress from H&M on one of my first shopping days, but upon reconsidering, I decided it was a bit formal for day-to-day wear, and I already have enough formal clothing that my life doesn't afford opportunity to play with, so I decided to exchange it for a simpler piece that had been catching my eye. Now, I've always liked tunics, but yes, that is a denim top. I have strong feelings about denim being used outside of jeans: namely, that it shouldn't. Still, I liked the shape of this top, and it's a lighter denim, almost a chambray, so while its weight makes it drape nicely, it's not too heavy and structured. It's a change for me, but I really like it.

I did, as I said I would, end up getting a pair of bright skinny pants. Thanks to the dress, I was purpled out, so I got a bright blue pair instead. They're surprisingly easy to wear, since they're only a little brighter and more vibrant than jeans would be. They're a bit extreme, but I'm enjoying them immensely.

I also got a new pair of (aforementioned) Levi's skinny jeans, but they're not really new to me, since they're exactly the same as a pair I already have, sans hole in the thigh. Still, I'm happy to have them--Levi's skinny jeans fit really well, sit high enough not to facilitate any embarassing crack moments, and slouch perfectly.

Lastly, the frosting on the cake--jewelry. I have a magnificent earring collection, adore bracelets (though don't wear them often--hmm), have two rings that I never take off, and yet, I've never been too taken with necklaces. It's not that I dislike them in principal, it's more that I'm not very often attracted to them, and when I am and I do buy them, I never really wear them anyway. So, it logically follows that it's stupid of me to buy necklaces. But hey, I never claimed to be smart. This little beauty came from Forever 21, and I'm totally going to make an effort to wear it sometime soon.

And that, I suppose, is that. That is, until I'm back in New York City again.

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Blogger L. said...

Fantastic finds. I particularly love the 'blue' jeans.. they always look great. Your dress is great also.

7:26 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Thanks! I'm excited about the pants as well. Perhaps I'll post shots!

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Doris A. Barber said...

Wow!! Really wonderful and amazing collection of women dresses. I love your shopping idea. The dress, new pants pairs of jeans are looking awesome. I think I have got affordable dresses of women from here, I cost more money to purchase such dresses, Now It's matter to see how much days the dresses do lasting.

3:11 AM  

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