Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The trials of vintage

Tear. I love vintage for many reasons. I love it for being unique. I love it for having a story. I love it for being interesting. I love it for preventing new clothing production (hey, we all know I'm an eco-nerd). I love it for being lovely. I hate it, however, for its sizing. When it comes to clothes, I'm pretty lucky--I'm a size 4, but I have a pretty small waist (proportionately to my hips, anyway), so vintage dresses, skirts, etc., fit me pretty well. With shoes, however, which are ironically possibly my main fixation, I have no such luck. I've just been searching for vintage Maud Frizon shoes on eBay, and happily, there's actually quite a selection--all in about a size 6. I'll suffer a little for fashion, but I wear an 8.5 sized shoe, and I'm not willing to suffer that much. If you ARE a size 5 or 6 though, buy some of these shoes and think of me:

LINKS: size 6.5, size 5.5, size 6, size 6.5, size 5.

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