Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Big Update

Ok, kids, here's the news. I feel awful being here and not blogging my ass off, but I've spent the past three days thoroughly familiarizing myself with the French medical system, so I wasn't even sure if I would be here much longer and be able to post. Wait, that sounds like I should have been spending all my time posting to make up for it. Well, when I wasn't between specialists and bloodtests, etc., I was pretty much way too exhausted to blog. As soon as I have a voice that doesn't sound like there's a duck shoved up my throat, I'm still promising a podcast, if I get to stay here (I'm hopeful, but nothing is certain yet). I'm still inundated with fabulous fashion everywhere--even when I was almost fainting in the streets (ou dans les rues, si vous le preferez) yesterday, I still noticed what people all around were wearing. I was just too icky to write about it. Also, there's tons of maternity fashion here, which I'm going to talk about in the podcast and therefore not go into, but I will say that if you don't want to wear stretchy jeans that look like they have a pocket meant for a watermelon in the front when you're pregnant, move to France. That'll definitely take care of it.

Ok, I leave you with this: never have I ever seen so many people wear skinny jeans so damn gracefully. People who are normal-sized, even. I'll try to unlock the secret of it in my podcast. So stay tuned!


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I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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