Monday, June 19, 2006

I promise I'm not goth

I've never been a big fan of nail polish (it either doesn't last long enough to be worth the effort, or it lasts so long that you can't bear to take it off while it still looks so good, but are getting sick of having to dress around it), but if I get bored enough, I'll do my toenails from time to time. The problem is that I get tired of traditional reds and pinks, but crazier colors like blue and green don't go with enough of my clothing. The solution, interestingly enough. . . is black. I'm not into the Avril Lavigne perpetual black nails "Why yes, I am this self-conscious" look, but against a pair of bright sandals, or with a cute skirt and tank top, black toenails are surprisingly fresh, especially if you're pasty pale like I am. Rather than being gothy and self-conscious, they're actually clean and mod-looking.

I don't mean to knock the goth kids, though. I actually have a friend who's pretty gothy, and we have a surprising amount in common. We have similar senses of humor (yes, it's dark), and we both love to shop and swap shopping stories. Of course, when we do, they usually go something like this:

Me: Oh my God, I did SO much shopping this weekend. . . I just can't resist sales!
T: I know! Whenever I visit my boyfriend, I do nothing but shop!
Me: It's crazy! I just have to see the words "Sample Sale," and all of a sudden, I'm $200 poorer!
T: Oh, I know, every time I pass a gothy place, I have to go in.
Me: Yeah, um. . . I like Marc Jacobs.

But y'know, it's always good to broaden your shopping horizons. . . I've been a big fan of shopping in the little boy's section for quite some time now, and I must say, T has some amazing boots. They're patent leather platform boots that are knee-high, and they're adorable. If I can share my boots and my pedicure with other style tribes, maybe I could eventually move up the body, too.

But I still love Marc Jacobs.


Blogger Social Suicide said...


I'm new to and if it's not a problem, could you help me find chic layouts for it? I would greatly appreciate. Thanks.


dior not war.

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Blogger La Principessa said...

Hi there,
I've only used the templates that are on the templates page--if you go to your dashboard (the place that you're taken when you log in), there's a tab that says "template," and if you click on it, you'll see the various layouts that blogger offers. Otherwise, I'm sure that a google search for 'blogspot templates' would turn some up. Good luck!

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