Monday, July 03, 2006

A Necessary Entry

I'm sure that after my last (incredibly brief) entry, you all (all two of you) are thinking, "What kind of fashion blogger is she?, in Paris, and not blogging at all about lovely French style?" Well, the answer is a student, so I apologize for my absence--I've been legitimately busy, and my internet connection is spotty at best. Still, I've obviously had my eye on French fashion, and my hands as well--I've already purchased three dresses and some unmentionables (oooh!). What's interesting is that although French shops are very noticeably different in style and aesthetic from American shops, but you don't always notice the style difference on, say, le metro, or in les rues. Still, I feel that the ideal chic here is very different from the ideal chic in the US. It's a little neater and cleaner here, less blatantly sexy, and more sleekly feminine. I've seen quite a few tulip skirts that are floaty but still trim through the hip, and the cutest little tops that I'll discuss later--I promise a podcast soon (I'm actually kind of sick, so as soon as I'm better), honestly. I won't procrastinate!

So, because I plan on telling you everything I've noticed about French style, French shopping, French brands (accessible ones, not like Chanel and Christian Lacriox), what I've bought, what I won't leave without, and whatever else I want to blather about, I won't go too much further in this entry. I will say, though, that Tara Jarmon's collection for Target, and Paul and Joe's, if you've seen the preview pictures are both actually pretty genuinely French-looking. It's sort of awesome and disillusioning at once that you can buy French clothes at Target, but I suppose you can't buy French style and taste. Still, I'm hoping to figure it out.


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