Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yet another confession

Do you remember way back when, when I confessed to a certain dirty little secret?. Well, disappointingly, I have another. Now, I've never been much one for watches. I have a purple Kors Michael Kors watch that seems to go with most of everything when I absolutely HAVE to wear a watch, and I used to wear a watch with a band made out of embroidered ribbon that people liked a lot (come to think of it, I'm not sure where that is. . .), but usually, I just don't bother. I already shared how much I like Marc by Marc Jacob's new line of watches, and now, another unnecessary time piece has caught my eye. Here's the confession part. . . it's by Juicy Couture. There's no excuse for me to like it! I hate sweatsuits! I hate velour! 99% of the time, I hate hot pink! Likewise with the rest of their clothing--a terrycloth polo-neck tennis dress? WHY???

The watch, however, is sort of gorgeously tough-luxe. I can't find a picture online, and don't have my scanner here, so you'll have to find the picture in this month's Teen Vogue if you want to see it, but I'll try to describe it. It has a leather-covered padlock that's a very upper-crust sort of utilitarian combo. The padlock hangs off the double bands of leather that go around the wrist, and the clock face is on the padlock. The signature Juicy crown engraving is on the back of the padlock, and it doesn't look disgustingly saccharine and overdone in this case. It's actually (gulp) really, really cute.

Needless to say, I'm not going to get it. Not only am I a college student, I'm a poorer-than-usual college student, thanks to all the traveling I've been doing lately. Even if I could spend $350 on a watch, I'd buy one that's Marc by Marc Jacobs anyway. BUT, the various forms of watch-charm that I've seen lately have sort of served as inspiration for me. I think I've found the perfect accesory: vintage pocket watches. I'll wear them around my neck, of course, but they come in such a range of neutral colors that they'll go with most of everything. Here's a quick sampling of what eBay has to offer:


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