Sunday, October 08, 2006

It’s not the best season yet, but it was definitely the best Reunion Special

Wow. What a show! Vincent is truly, certifiably nuts. Malan is hilarious. Heidi’s impression of him is even better. Bradley is truly amazing. Bonnie seemed drunk. Kayne did the smart thing and lost weight and got a haircut before coming. Tim is fabulous as normal.

Did anyone else notice that Uli looked a little subdued and sad? It could be in my head, because he never looks that ridiculously extreme, in a bad or good way, but maybe I’m just paranoid because I secretly want her to win. I certainly don’t want to know in advance that she’s out.

Speaking of who’s out, after Michael won the viewer award thing and both Jay McCarroll and Chloe Dao said that he should win, doesn’t it seem from how they’re setting it up that he won’t win? I really don’t want to have any suspicions about it one way or another, I’d just be surprised if he won after all that talk.

And speaking of talk, Keith made a bad situation much, much worse. Lying is one thing—I’m not saying it’s a good thing to do or that he deserves sympathy, but I can understand why he would want to show himself in a favorable light on national TV. Blatantly lying is another thing. He wasn’t aware that they couldn’t have fashion books? Then why were they under the bed? They just magically showed up in his room? Then why didn’t he say that when he got eliminated? Jeez.

On a completely separate and unrelated note, Alison had a tremendous amount of dignity and peace for someone so obviously unfairly eliminated. Good for her.

Finally, the preview for the final episode makes it look fantastic. We all knew about the outsourcing drama to begin with, but I didn’t know it was actually addressed in the episode. Also noteworthy is that when Tim Gunn was visiting Michael, the dress on his dressform was just a little on the ugly side, and that from what I could see of Laura’s stuff, it was all exactly the same dress that she’s made all along. Monotony or no, I can’t WAIT!


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