Saturday, October 07, 2006

Once Again, H&M saves the day

Once upon a time, there was a young American girl who left her native land to study in the magnificent land of London. The girl had a very pronounced sense of aesthetics, and she loved to shop, and typically, was pretty liberal with her spending on clothes, too. Unfortunately, the evil ruler of her home country selfishly ruined the economy by giving money to millionaires and billionaires and cutting their taxes, thus weakening the American economy and permanently damaging the exchange rate with England. When the girl got to London, she found that she could barely afford food and shelter, much less pretty clothing!

Frighteningly, a wet winter was coming, and the girl was unprepared with skirts, jackets, and light tank tops. Whatever she would do? With her miserable exchange rate, even the cheapest shops looked intimidating—when she considered that a cute sweater for £59 was actually $118, or some delectable boots for £89 were actually $179, she wanted to faint!

One day, the girl decided to go on a shopping quest, and not return home until she had something she could wear in the winter. It didn’t start out well. Dorothy Perkins was having a sale that left it so picked over that the only options were plainer than plain. Faith Shoes was nowhere to be found. The crowds at Debenham’s and Topshop gave her massive, spitting headaches. Soon, the girl started to despair. Would she ever find the clothing necessary to keep her warm? She hit a new low at Urban Outfitters. She found the perfect pair of affordable wide leg denim trousers, and happily took them into the dressing room, There, she found that they fit her perfectly in the waist, made her hips look delightfully slim, and were just plain too short for her long legs.

Miserably, she slunk towards H&M, a store no more novel to her than the many Starbucks that are to be found on London streets. Unhappily, she went inside. Miraculously, once inside, her spirits began to lift! She realized that either H&M in London got slightly different stock than H&M in New York, or the fall season was really, really good! She found a pair of wide-wale, skinny leg grey corduroys, and though they seemed like a fashion dare, they really rather worked. She found a pink sweatshirt that was so delightfully soft that it made her want to squeal with joy. The thrills were endless—she came away with a lovely new brown leather bag, a sweaterdress, a scarf, a blue turtleneck (that was considerably cheaper than the one she had admired at Topshop), a warm top, and a lovely teal scarf.

Mission accomplished.

Ok, sorry that was so damn tacky, but seriously. London has great H&Ms.


Anonymous Mia said...

yes, i really do love you.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous susie_bubble said...

Hi there, this is Susie from Style Bubble. Been enjoying the accounts of your US-UK shopping trials and tribulations! I do feel your pain because I know the exchange rate is waaay harsh on US students here.
Stick it out though - there are sample sales ahoy, regular sales ahoy, discount vouchers, discount nights (have you been to any student discount lock-ins yet?) and basically there's a way to saving money in this town!

Having said that, for working UK-ers, the prices don't seem all that pricy simply because our wages higher. Terrible thing - working to live!

2:17 AM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Thanks for the tips! I haven't seen any sample sales or student discount lock-ins yet, but I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them.

I know that the reason things are so expensive is just the exchange rate. It's terribly ironic, because I've been realizing that if it weren't for the exchange rate, London would actually be a little bit cheaper than NYC! I'll just keep my fingers crossed for a better President in the future. Thanks again for the ideas!

12:48 AM  

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