Sunday, November 05, 2006


Well, I'm back from my fabulous weekend away (and I've been back for the six busiest days of my life), and I must say, it was too short. I spent last Saturday and Sunday in the Netherlands, enjoying the art, the architecture, and the culture of what's probably the most relaxed country in the world. Of course I indulged in some shopping as well, but I've gotta say, I feel like the country is so mellow that Dutch style just happens--everyone looks simple and well put-together, and happy in what they're wearing. Really, what more could you ask for in great clothes? I did notice a few chains in Amsterdam that I've never seen before, but Fornarina and Diesel seemed like popular brands, too. I shopped at a place called Only, that had awfully simple, well-cut pieces, and I have a new long hoodie that I'm positively fond of. But judging by the number of them, who holds the shopping monopoly? See below. . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just happened to come across your blog, I think it was from StyleBubble.
Anyway, I'm thinking of going on an exchange to Amsterdam next year, and I was just wondering how you liked it?

8:36 PM  
Blogger La Principessa said...

Hi there!
I loved Amsterdam--Holland is just a lovely country. I'm sure you'd enjoy it immensely if you went, but then again, I'm sure that your course of study would make a difference in how much you enjoy it, too.

But Amsterdam is amazing. You should definitely go, regardless of whether or not you end up studying there. Good luck with the decision!

4:23 AM  

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